Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Programmes & Activities 2

2. T.O.U.C.H.

Teenagers Objectively Unified for Change (TOUCH), is a programme uniquely created by The Change Initiative to address reproductive health among adolecsents. Peer Educators of youthful nature, volunteer to work with adolescents both in an out of school by promoting behavoiur change and aim at fighting myths and misconceptions in a bid to eradicate them.

Touch Methods and Techniques.

  1. School outreach Program.

Aim : To teach on reproductive health and life skills.

This is done by peer educators trained by T.C.I who visit learning institutions both primary and high schools in Embakasi constituency on a weekly basis.

  1. Camps, Picnics and Hikes.

Aim: Promote team work and socialisation.

By providing a different from usual and comfortable social environment adolescents are able to openly/freely express themselves enhancing both their ability and that of the peer educator. This provides a sense of comfort once they realise the similarity in their issues.

  1. Regular group discussions.

Aim: To promote behaviour change.

This is done twice a month.

  1. Quarterly talent search competitions.

Aim: To promote and nature talent among adolescents.

Held quarterly with a theme and adolescent participants register to enroll in the competition.

  1. Sport and Games.

Aim: To provide and promote positive pass time.

This is a regular activity though due to limited space is reserved to mostly indoor games.


Joseph said...

going by what is written on your blog about your organization you are doing great work and may you continue doing it.

Joseph said...

hello everyone wonna put my best leg forward towards conservation of our environment and as you know everything revolves around the environment in which we live so I urge you guys take care of the environment.