Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Programmes & Activities 3

3. KIKE(swahili for femine.)

The KIKE program is tailor made for girls and young women with specific concentration on the individuals areas of need. This progamme includes:

1. Gender Equity and Equality sensitization program dubbed USAWA (which is equality in swahili).

2. Refferal Services to relevant organisations for Rape victims, gender based/domestic violence victims, sexually transmitted infections, birth, family planning services, vocational training, advanced counselling, HIV testing, HIV management.

3.Urban Agrculture and Nutrition. This includes teaching young women and girls on the importance of nutrition by use of locally available foods and training on improvising space for agriculture to grow e.g vegetables.

4.Promotion of Peace. This includes holding forums and sensitizing the community on the importance and advantages of upholding peace.

5. Education and promotion of Human Rights.

6. Networking and Collaboration with other organisations/stakeholders with similar objectives or are in support of young women and girls.

7. Holding Open Forms for young women and girls to allow free and open discussions regularly.

8. Counselling services.

9. Design and Production of beadwork and Art.

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